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Baby Swimming & Water Parenting

The focus of High Five swim school baby swimming sessions is to learn how to swim with your baby, rather than just teaching your baby how to swim.

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Toddler & Pre-school Swimming

High Five’s fun lessons promote children’s natural need for exploration, balance and sensory stimulation. Parents enjoy watching their children learn from our progressive practices.

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Our Teaching

Amanda Gawthrope, the founder of High Five and Loving Water, worked closely with Birthlight helping to create and promote the internationally recognised approach to baby swimming developed over many years, focusing on play, exploration and curiosity as a springboard for learning. Focusing on nurturing the bond in water between parents and babies / children. We provide a fun, gentle and safe environment, giving you and your child the confidence to enjoy moving in water together.

Infants make an easy transition from their early swimming reflexes to conscious movements if you swim with them. Showing the child how to find their buoyancy in the water with minimal support can be a wonderful way to kick start their journey towards independent swimming.

Our Birthlight training makes our classes special. Babies develop water confidence and specific skills to move towards independent swimming through our carefully developed Swim Programme, which enhances learning potential on a physical, social cognitive and emotional level. We cater for every age group and ensure that new skills are incorporated at each appropriate developmental stage, plus you can join us at any time from birth through to independent swimming. Whether they are confident or timid in the water, they will be made to feel welcome.

Our swim programme has a strong focus on safety, teaching your child through fun routines and repetition. Our highly qualified teachers work with the individual needs of each child. You don’t need to be able to swim yourself.

Benefits of Children Swimming

Children who swim are at a physical advantage to those who do not swim, with increased joint mobility, stamina and strength. Apart from being more physically at an advantage they can be far more advanced in hand-eye coordination, problem solving and socialising. Additionally, experiences in water allow little ones to better develop their psychomotor skills, because they can move more freely and begin to understand concepts of distance and movement. Several studies have shown that children who swim during the first few years of their lives are able to develop a sense of their surroundings more readily, and hone creative and observational skills from a very early stage.

Our swimming lessons at High Five help children to become more confident and provide them with a sense of relaxation, while the experience also contributes to the development of their cognitive and social skills. The bonds they share with their parents grow even stronger as they experience new and rewarding moments together. As they get older, they learn to share, to take turns, and to play and learn together as a group, giving them a sense of belonging.

The National swim programme will benefit your child’s development. At a certain age, usually after 4 yrs old, we start teaching from the British ASA national plan for teaching swimming. which gives a clear assessment of your child’s swimming ability and teaches life saving skills too.

Class Information

We offer swimming lessons from 12 weeks of age and upwards. All our classes are WITH PARENTS or supporting adults.

The age range for these classes is approximate and there can be some variance due to ability or water confidence. When selecting a class, the age range refers to your child's age at the beginning of the term they join us (September, January or April).

Our Pools

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Saturday lessons 1pm to 4:30pm

Granta School
Cambridge Road
CB21 4NN


Sunday lessons 9am to 4:45pm

Windmill Pool
Hinton Road
CB21 5DZ

Why swim with High Five?

Our classes focus on the mutual enjoyment of being in the water together.

Meet our High Five family

Our teachers are ASA, STA and Birthlight trained. We all use the wonderful Birthlight approach to baby swimming.

Calum Gawthorpe High Five Swim School


Co-owner & Swimming Coach,
Fulbourn Site
Christine Gawthorpe High Five Swim School


Natalie High Five Swim School


Vanessa High Five Swim School


Swimming Coach, Linton Site
Ami High Five Swim School


Swimming Coach, Fulbourn Site
Lewis High Five Swim School


Pool Attendant, Linton Site


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Baby Swimming & Water Parenting


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Toddler & Pre-school Swimming


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Term Dates 2023-2024

These dates are for the Academic Year, weeks commencing.

Autumn Term 2023
  • Autumn Term 1 (7 weeks)

    Linton: Saturday 9th Sept to Saturday 21st Oct 2023

    Fulbourn: Sunday 10th Sept to Sunday 22nd Oct 2023

  • Autumn Term 2

    Linton: Saturday 4th Nov to Saturday 16th Dec 2023

    Fulbourn: Sunday 5th Nov to Sunday 17th Dec 2023

Spring Term 2024
  • Spring Term 1

    Linton: Saturday 6th Jan to Saturday 17th Feb 2024

    Fulbourn: Sunday 7th Jan to Sunday 18th Feb 2024

  • Spring Term 2

    Linton: Saturday 2nd Mar to Saturday 23rd Mar 2024

    Fulbourn: Sunday 3rd March to Sunday 24th Mar 2024

Summer Term 2024
  • Summer Term 1

    Linton: Saturday 13th Apr to Saturday 25th May 2024

    Fulbourn: Sunday 14th Apr to Sunday 26th May 2024

  • Summer Term 2

    Linton: Saturday 8th June to Saturday 20th July 2024

    Fulbourn: Sunday 9th June to Sunday 21st July 2024

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